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The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) and the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) announced on June 29 that the Nonprofit Capacity Assessment for Indiana’s Arts and Culture Organizations report, a first of its kind, has been completed and is now available for review.

The report can be downloaded from the Indiana University website or the  IAC website.

In 2008, the IAC enlisted SPEA researchers to implement a survey to better understand the capacity building and technical assistance needs of Indiana arts and culture organizations.

“In order to address the growing number of capacity building and technical assistance requests the Arts Commission receives, we needed to collect information directly from our constituents,” said Lewis C. Ricci, executive director of the Indiana Arts Commission. “We surveyed approximately 1,800 organizations that have sought funding from the IAC or our regional arts partners since 2003.”

The original sample included both nonprofit and public/governmental organizations that provide arts and cultural activities, but excluded individual artists and for-profit organizations. Approximately 385 organizations completed the survey in full or in part.

SPEA Project Director Kirsten A. Grønbjerg says that financial resources pose the most challenges, followed by networking and advocacy, marketing, programs and planning, information technology, human resources, and operations and governance. Detailed analysis shows that across-the-board challenges are most severe for organizations whose entire mission is dedicated to arts and culture, those that rely extensively on volunteers, and/or those with board vacancies.

Source: Indiana University


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The last time Peyton Manning was leading the Indianapolis Colts on a championship run, the NFL clamped down on the ability to watch the big game in churches. The NFL sent letters to churches informing them that airing the game would be a violation of the NFL’s copyright and trademark rights. However, last year the NFL called a reverse and allowed viewing in churches under certain conditions.

So what’s the NFL’s policy this year? Unless we hear otherwise, we have to assume that the NFL is sticking to last year’s policy that churches can air the Super Bowl without violating copyright laws. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something that would suggest otherwise.

So start planning those parties…Go Colts!

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Part 2 of the “Legal Primer for Bloggers” series is now up at the Indiana Intellectual Property & Technology Blog.  If you’re a blogger (or represent a blogger) and haven’t given much thought to the applicable legal issues, please give it a read.


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Check out the Indiana Intellectual Property & Technology Blog…there’s a new post series starting entitled “A Legal Primer for Bloggers.”  If you’re a blogger (or represent a blogger) and haven’t given much thought to the applicable legal issues, please give it a read.

Indiana Intellectual Property Blog

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