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I came across an interesting post by another lawyer which stresses the point that it is almost always more efficient and less expensive to involve a lawyer earlier in the process than later. Excerpt:

Clients bring me projects all the time that will either require legal remodeling or a tear down. Here is a typical scenario: The client begins discussion of a business transaction with another company. The client chooses not to involve a lawyer until after the business deal is struck. The client has often been presented with a draft contract from the other side. The client may already have gone back to the other side with the client’s own revisions. Finally, it dawns on the client that this is a serious transaction and that the document should be reviewed by a lawyer. That is when they call.

When the client emails me the contract or brings it by the office, the client will often say: “I think we have this one pretty much done. I just want to make sure it is generally OK and there are no legal landmines in it. Just take a quick look and get back to me.”

A quick look usually determines that the document is an unmitigated disaster. If the document has been prepared by the other side’s legal counsel, every term will be skewed to the other party’s benefit. If the document is “home made,” or written by a person with no legal training (whether by the client or someone with the other party), it will almost always be a mishmash of undefined terms, incomplete thoughts, and key omissions.

For the full post, check out The Attorneys of Chorey, Taylor, & Feil, A Professional Corporation blog.


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